Mumtaz originally of Iranian origin was born to Abdul Saleem Askari and Sardar Shadi Habib Agha in Bombay, India, on July 31, 1947. She entered Bollywood at the early age of twelve.
When asked which performances she is most proud of: "I was okay, nothing great at all. I liked Khilona that fetched me the Filmfare Best Actress Award. I also liked myself in Roop Tera Mastana, Aaina and Tere Mere Sapne. I should have won the Best Actress Award for Tere Mere Sapne. I really deserved it. Instead it went to Asha Parekh for Kati Patang in which she wore white and stood in front of piano doing precious little. Khair, jaane do (let it go). God has given me so much."

Mumtaz married millionaire Mayur Madhvani on May 29, 1974. They have two daughters Natasha and Tanya. Natasha, the elder daughter, married actor Fardeen Khan, son of Feroz Khan, in a lavish ceremony, in December 2005. In June 2008, she was honored for her "Achievement in Indian Cinema" by the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) in Bangkok.

She started in films by accepting some small roles in big films like Mujhe Jeene Do and big roles in small budgeted stunt films like Boxer, Samson, Tarzan, and King Kong. In the 1960s, she starred in as many as 16 action films with freestyle wrestler Dara Singh and was labelled as a stunt film heroine. She first gained attention in a supporting role as a vamp in the A grade color hit film Mere Sanam (1965). The memorable sexy song yeh hai reshmai was picturized on her. The success of the film led to another sizzling song "Aye dushman jaan" in another big-budget film Patthar Ke Sanam.

Finally, she gained major attention when she played one of Dilip Kumar's leading ladies in Ram Aur Shyam (1967). The film became one of the top hits of the year, and she received her first Filmfare nomination as Best Supporting Actress. Suddenly, Mumtaz was flooded with offers, but still not for major leading lady roles. She supported Sharmila Tagore in several films in the late 1960s, such as for Saawan Ki Ghata, Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi, and Mere Humdum Mere Dost. She had a memorable song and dance number ("Aaj kal tere mere") with her then-boyfriend Shammi Kapoor in the hit film Brahmachari (1968).

Mumtaz then at those times also accepted acting in sexy roles. Due to her great and killing looks she easily had several more hit films. She acted in over a hundred films in a career that spanned just 12 years. She won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for one of her favorite films Khilona in 1970, and she was "very happy that the audience accepted her in an emotional role." Mumtaz starred in many movies with Feroz Khan and her other popular pairing have been with great actors like Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna. She has also acted with Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar and other top heroes of her era.

She quit acting after her appearance in Aaina (1977) which was a flop, even though it had co-starred Rajesh Khanna and was directed by famous director Kailasam Balachander. After that, she left films for marriage to a millionaire and only returned for one final film appearance 12 years later in the 1989 film Aandhiyan, which flopped and she turned down other film offers. In 1996 she received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mumtaz had done a great collection of films in her career which are as follows:

In 1961 she had done in Stree. 1962 Wallah Kya Baat Hai. 1963 Sehra, Rustom Sohrab, Mujhe Jeene Do, Gehra Daag, Faulad, Ek Raaz. 1964 Veer Bhimsen, Samson, Rustom-E-Rome, Qawwali Ki Raat, Hercules, Baghi, Aandhi Aur Toofan. 1965 Tarzan Comes to Delhi, Tarzan and King Kong, Son of Hatimtai, Sikandar-e-Azam, Rustom-E-Hind, Raaka, Mere Sanam, Khandan, Kaajal, Jadui Angoothi, Hum Diwane, Do Dil, Boxer, Bedaag, Bahu Beti. 1966 Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi, Sawan Ki Ghata, Saaz Aur Awaaz, Rustom Kaun, Pyar Kiye Jaa, Pati Patni, Ladka Ladki, Jawan Mard, Daku Mangal Singh, Daadi Maa, Suraj. 1967 Woh Koi Aur Hoga, Ram Aur Shyam, Patthar Ke Sanam, Hamraaz, Do Dushman, CID 909, Chandan Ka Palna, Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti, Baghdad Ki Raatein, Aag. 1968 Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, Jung Aur Aman, Jahan Mile Dharti Akash, Golden Eyes Secret Agent 077, Gauri, Brahmachari, Apna Ghar Apni Kahani. 1969Shart, Mera Yaar Mera Dushman, Mera Dost, Jigri Dost, Do Raaste, Bandhan, Apna Khoon Apna Dushman, Aadmi Aur Insaan. 1970 Sachaa Jhutha, Pardesi, Khilona , Humjoli, Himmat, Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thi, Bhai Bhai, Maa Aur Mamta. 1971 Mela,Ladki Pasand Hai, Kathputli, Jawan Mohabbat, Ek Naari Ek Brahmchari, Dushmun, Chaahat,Upaasna, Tere Mere Sapne, Hare Rama Hare Krishna. 1972 Tangewala, Shararat, Pyaar Diwana, Gomti Ke Kinare, Dharkan, Apradh, Apna Desh, Roop Tera Mastana. 1973 Pyaar Ka Rishta, Bandhe Haath, Lofar, Jheel Ke Us Paar. 1974 Chor Machaye Shor, Aap Ki Kasam, Roti.1975 Prem Kahani, Lafange, Aag Aur Toofan. 1976 Nagin. 1977 Aaina. 1989 Aandhiyan.


Asha Parekh was born on October 2, 1942 is a One of the most popular Bollywood actress from the past times. Presently she is a director and producer. She was one of the top stars in Hindi films from 1959 to 1973. She is supposed to be the star of more hit films than any other actress.

Being born in a middle-class Gujarati household Asha ji started her career as a child artiste under the screen name Baby Asha Parekh in the film Aasmaan (1952). Then Bimal Roy saw her dance at a stage function and cast her at the tender age of twelve in Baap Beti (1954). This film failure dissappointed her but did some more child roles. Rejected from Vijay Bhatt's Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959), she was picked up by film producer Subodh Mukherjee and writer-director Nasir Hussain as the heroine in Dil Deke Dekho (1959) opposite Shammi Kapoor which made her a huge star. Then they cast her in more six films: Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1961), Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon (1963), Teesri Manzil (1966), Baharon Ke Sapne (1967), Pyar Ka Mausam (1969), and Caravan (1971). She was only cosidered as a glamour girl/excellent dancer/tomboy until she had done some serious roles in Do Badan (1966), Chirag (1969), and Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978).

When asked if she missed having a husband and children, her response was: "I don’t think so. There was a time when I did want to get married. I used to love children, I still love children, but now I feel that I am happy I am not married and don’t have kids, because I don’t think I would have been able to cope up with them."

She also had done various supporting roles like in Bhabhi, which she called as the "awkward phase" of her career. So she stopped acting in films. Then on the advice of her friends she opted for the television direction. She formed a production company Akruti and produced serials like Palash ke Phool, Baaje Payal, Kora Kagaz and a comedy Dal Mein Kaala. She was the president of the Cine Artistes' Association from 1994 to 2000. Asha was the first female chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board) of India. She held the post from 1998 to 2001 for which she received no salary but plenty of controversy for censoring films and for not giving clearance to Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth. Later, she became the treasurer of the Cine and Television Artists Association (CINTAA) and also was later elected to be one of its officebearers.

Asha has remained unmarried:

Asha remained unmarried, claiming that her reputation of being unapproachable made people hesitate in asking her hand in marriage. There were rumors that she was romantically involved with her married director Nasir Hussain. In her later years, Asha said that she had a longtime boyfriend but declined to elaborate on the relationship, only stating that "it was nice while it lasted." She said she hadn't seen Nasir Hussain the last year of his life, as he became reclusive because of his wife's death, but she did speak to him on the phone the day before he died in 2002. A devastated Asha attended his funeral.

Today, she concentrates on her dance academy Kara Bhavan, which has produced many skilled dancers. The Asha Parekh Hospital in Santa Cruz, Mumbai is named after her because of her many contributions. Her considerable wealth provides for many of her social and charitable causes.

Asha Parekh has acted in over 50 films some of them to name are as follows:

Aasmaan (1952), Dhobi Doctor (1954), Baap Beti (1954), Ayodhyapati (1956), Ustad (1957), Aasha (1957), Dil Deke Dekho (1959), Hum Hindustani (1960), Ghunghat (1960), Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai (1961), Gharana (1961), Chhaya (film) (1961), Apna Banake Dekho (1962), Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon (1963), Meri Surat Teri Ankhen (1963), Bin Badal Barsaat (1963), Bharosa (1963), Akhand Saubhagyavati (1963), Ziddi (1964 film) (1964), Mere Sanam (1965), Teesri Manzil (1966), Love in Tokyo (1966), Do Badan (1966), Aaye Din Bahar Ke (1966), Upkar (1967), Baharon Ke Sapne (1967), Shikar (1968), Kahin Aur Chal (1968), Sajan (1969 film) (1969), Pyar Ka Mausam (1969), Mahal (1969), Kanyadaan (film) (1969), Chirag (1969), Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke (1969), Pagla Kahin Ka (1970), Naya Raasta (1970), Kati Patang (1970), Kankan De Ole (1970), Bhai-Bhai (1970), Aan Milo Sajna (1970), Nadaan (1971), Mera Gaon Mera Desh (1971), Jwala (1971), Jawan Mohabbat (1971), Caravan (1971), Samadhi (1972), Rakhi Aur Hathkadi (1972), Heera (film) (1973), Anjaan Raahen (1974), Rani Aur Lalpari (1975), Zakhmee (1975), Udhar Ka Sindur (1976), Kulvadhu (1977), Adha Din Adhi Raat (1977), Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978), Prem Vivah (1979), Bin Phere Hum Tere (1979), Sau Din Saas Ke (1980), Bulundi (1980), Khel Muqaddar Ka (1981), Kaalia (1981), Pakhandi (1984), Dharam Aur Kanoon (1984), Manzil Manzil (1984), Lava (film) (1985), Car Thief (film) (1986), Sagar Sangam (1988), Main Tere Liye (1988), Hamara Khandaan (1988), Hum To Chale Pardes (1988), Hathyar (1989 film) (1989), Batwara (1989), Professor Ki Padosan (1993), Bhagyawan (1994), Ghar Ki Izzat (1994), Andolan (1995), Sar Aankhon Par (1999).

Asha Parekh was awarded and nominated for various films that are:

1. Filmfare Award Nomination as Best Actress for Chirag(1969)
2. Filmfare Best Actress Award for Kati Patang(1970)
3. Filmfare Award Nomination as Best Supporting Actress for Udhar Ka Sindoor(1976)
4. Filmfare Award Nomination as Best Supporting Actress for Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978)
5. Padma Shri awarded in the Arts (1992)[25][26]
6. Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (2002)
7. Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association(IMPPA) felicitated Asha for her outstanding contribution to the Indian film industry (2003)[27]
8. Kalakar Award--Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)
9. International Indian Film Academy Awards for outstanding achievement in Indian cinema (2006)
10. Saptarang Ke Saptashee Award (2006)[28]
11. Gujarati Association of North America (GANA)'s First International Gujarati Convention-Lifetime Achievement Award (2006)[29]
12. Pune International Film Festival—Lifetime Achievement Award (2007)
13. Bollywood Award—Lifetime Achievement Award (2007)
14. Living Legend Award from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI).[16]
15. Film Federation of India honored Asha at its Golden Jubilee celebration ceremony-(2008)[30]
16. Sahyadri Navratna Award given to Asha for being a "woman of substance" (2008)[31]
17. Solitaire for Life Award from the ABN Amro Solitaire Design Awards show (2008)[32]
18. Nashik International Film Festival-Lifetime Achievement Award (2009)[33]
19. 'Lachchu Mahraj Puraskar' Award for Asha's contribution to dance and acting (2009)[1]

Kashmira shah doing an Item number inthe film Worldcupp 2011

Hot and sexy-siren Kashmira Shah will be soon seen in the film World cupp 2011, film debutant by Ravi Kapoor. She is dong an item number in this film. This film is based on a backdrop of cricket bookies and portrays the picture of Underworld. The film is Ravi Kapoor's debut in both acting and direction.

The director confirms the news of Kashmera’s item number in the film, which also has Zakir
Hussain, Suresh Oberoi, Prem Chopra, Ehsan Khan and Manisha Chatterjee. Yes, Kashmera had been roped in for an item number and she looks like a true diva.” World Cupp 2011 is being produced by A. Gems Pvt. Ltd. and is slated to release on Dec 18.

Aishwarya Rai hot cleavage

Aishwarya Rai hot cleavage

Memorable roles of the bollywood actresses.

The hot actresses of the Bollywood had also experienced doing such roles which are tasteful to them and close to their hearts. These roles are memorable to them and for these roles these actresses had done great efforts, to make the characters alive and natural.

Then only these roles have become their favorite. According to some of the reports we are giving here some of the actresses’ memorable role in which they have shown much interest in doing them.

Dipika Padukone in Chandani Chowk to China

‘I had worked a lot on the chinese character played by me in the film ‘Chandani Chowk to China’. In this film I had done several stunt shots and in doing them I also got wounded on my knees.

In this film I played double roles and one of which was of Chinese girl. For doing this Chinese role I have to put a tape near to my eyes to appear as a Chinese girl. After doing this I also had defect in my eyes for some days.’


Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in Jodha Akbar

‘When I had done ‘Provoked’ at that time I have to prepare myself mentally for the character of this film. In this film I played a role of a woman who was fed up of her husband and took some frightful action. This role demanded much preparation for me.

Similarly in a film by Ashutosh Gowarikar named Jodha Akbar, I had to train my self for Talwaar baazi. I also got wounded manier times while doing the shots. Both of these characters needed extra preparation and efforts for me.’

Kareena kapoor in Chameli

‘I supposed every film of mine, in my acting career as my child. I was fully faithful for my characters which I play. That is the reason that I am still having a strong position in Bollywood.

Apart from all the roles I have done, I have to do more preparation for the film ‘chameli’ and ‘tashn’. For the role of a prostitute woman in cahmeli, I also have went through some red light areas of prostitutes so as to bring natural feel in the character.’

Rani Mukherji in Black

‘To do a role of a blind girl is a much challenging task for me, in the film ‘Black’.the two things that made me to do my best in the film were, firstly there was Amitji opposite to me in the film and secondly the film maker was Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Who is considered as a very serious about his work. I also tried to look my self as a blind lady infront of the mirror. There is a lot rehersal work behind the best performance of this character in the film. I also feel glad about when I was praised by my audience and when I got awarded for the best actress.’

Urmila Matondkar in Bhoot

‘By the grace of God I had done various different roles in my films which are actually different from each other. Rangeela, Kaun, Ek Haseena, pyar tune kya kiya, and Bhoot are some to name. For bringing the life in the character I had to work a lot in all these films.

But ‘bhoot’ needed some extra work and efforts. In this film while shooting some of the shots my neck veins were visible. I have to relax and had to take leave from shooting for some time for getting me refreshed, after doing the character in the Bhoot. Rekhaji has also praised me for my work in the film Bhoot.’


Antara Mali in Mister Ya Miss

Antara Mali was reported to talk about her memorable roles as ‘I had not done too many films in my acting career. But all the character which I have done are different from each other, whether it is ‘Road’ or ‘Main Madhuri Dixit banana chahti hoon’.

The film for which I have done most challenging job is ‘Mister Ya Miss’. In this film I have to play two roles that are mister and miss. Being a girl I have to play a character of a boy and I have excepted and done my best in the challenge.’


The most beautiful and talented Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen again is wanting a child for her. Sush who has just been in 34 years is planning to adopt an another baby girl. Reports said that the beauty has visited an adoption centre recently to look for a baby girl and was also seen shopping for cute baby clothes on Linking Road. The reports also told that, Sush wants to complete her family with another female child.

It is already known that Sushmita had adopted a girl child in 2000 who was not in the best of her health. She named her Renee and thus became Bollywood’s first single mom!

The beautiful actress and model has various projects in her hand like; Dulha Mil Gaya starring Shahrukh Khan and Gulel with Ajay Devgn. It remains to be seen if these big banners will help Sush regain her lost glory!


After the success of the film Race, the directors and producers of the film had taken a decision of making its sequel that is Race 2.

According to the reports the shooting will be started next year’s Feb and will be released till the year’s end. Similar to the first part the second part will also stared with Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor. And as far as actresses, name of Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have to be still finalized.

Aishwarya Rai hottest boobs collection

Aishwarya Rai hottest boobs collection

Top 5 Highest paid Bollywood actresses

Hot and hottest Bollywood actresses are in great demand from teh past when bollywood took its birth. The Indian Beauty attracts almost every human in this world and so these sexy, fashionable, stylish, hot ladies will be always in great demand. These actresses charge differently for their labor in the films. More popular obviously will charge more.

Here are some 5 beauties, popular and expensive ones, for the year 2009. The number goes on from 5 to 1...


5. Bipasha Basu:

Bips is now a days less in demand as compared to other new actresses, which are making their strong positions in the bollywood industry.

But however this dusky beauty has already well cemented her position as an A-list actress. With several hits in her pocket in different genres which suits her, she is yet a popular choice for some producers because of which Bipasha charges about 2 crores.

4. Kareena Kapoor:

She had won over million hearts with Jab We Met and shocked us with Tashan. This bundle of talent is surely a force to be reckoned.

Though she had many hits in line to her name, she charges a modest amount of 3.5 to 4 crores.


Hottest boobs of Rihana - Rihana bikini collection

3. Katrina Kaif:

This beautiful lady from foreign has back to back many hits confirmed to her name. It rarely cares that she isn’t exactly known for her acting and also can’t speak Hindi properly?

Katrina is now a days more popular for her film BLUE in which she is looking more stunning, hot and beautiful. Well She takes in about 4-5 crores a movie for her labor.

2. Priyanka Chopra:

After Dostana, Fashion and now Kaminey happened in priyanka's career. And then life changed for her. She has gathered quite a lot of fan following, and is very popular now on internet also.

She has hiked her price to about 5 crores after her successful films. According to the latest news She is signed in Rs. 6 crores in film by yash raj banners named "Pyaar impossible".


1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

Though not seen on the big screens for quite a long time, this green eyed actress demands quite a high price.This favirite bahuraniof the Bachchan family did also burnt her hands in Hollywood, with films like Mistress of Spice to her credit, but she has hiked her fees to about 6 crores.

Reports said that Aishwarya Rai makes almost Rs 1 Billion every year merely through ads, and she has been paid a whopping Rs 6 Crore to play the lead in Rajnikanth's 'Robot'. But is Aishwarya Rai really worth all the dough?

Aishwarya Rai is also becoming more popular for her recent ROMANTIC COMMERCIAL AD OF SOAP WITH HER HUBBY ABHISHEK BACCHAN in which they have together took about 7.5 crores, for a minutes ad. Then just think of the two and half hours movie.


The two hot love birds of bollywood are again appearing in their coming film named ‘kurbaan’. To get the first cut preview of the film just log on to

The movie is directed
by favorite Karan Johar and the film is all about love and relationships.

Amrita Rao says ‘NO’ to Bikni.

This is said by Amrita Rao, that she does not feel it important to wear bikni in her films to attract more audience. According to Amrita, ‘I think that variety is more important for me, I am also very happy from the compliments of my fans and I will keep up with my new image. I will play a different image in every films.

She also added to a question ‘when will you wear bikni?’ that ‘wearing bikni depends on many factors like Banner, director, screen play, co-stars, costume designer, etc. Bikni should also be important for the beach scenes but not for the publicity and attracting the audience.’

Affairs of Sophie

Actress cum singer Sophie chowdhary has a new person in her personal life. Although, she felt uncomfortable to talk much about it. It has also been reported that the person is out of the industry.

According to Sophie, ‘I am not as that type who changes her boyfriends every day. And affair should be kept secret for some time and should be revealed at a proper time.’